024: The running man

024: The running man

Two weeks today I’ll be running my first race…I’m getting excited but I’m more than aware I’ve been a little lapse with my training the last two weeks, but trying not to beat myself up too much considering how far I’ve come in the last eight months. This morning I got out and did a 7 mile run around the top of the ancient iron age hill fort called Maiden Castle which is luckily right on my door step. It’s quite the up and down course of rough terrain but a brilliant view from the top and plenty of sheep for company (oo-err). I carried a backpack and camera as I wanted to get a proper running picture of me actually running somewhere in this project…job done! I took the route slow and steady as I don’t want to be turning an ankle at this stage but it was a great workout and I now feel pumped and ready to face the rest of my busy day.

// route, stats and playlist here
// help me raise money for @unicef_uk and support my bath half marathon efforts here

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