10K for my Dad

Since I started running a little over 4 months ago and started losing weight various people have referred to me or what I’m doing as “inspirational”.  I’m sure (and hope) that these remarks are made flippantly as I’d hate to think of myself as an inspiration (that title should be reserved for very special people in my opinion). In fact if anything it’s my belief that a fat bugger like myself trying to reverse 30 years of bodily abuse is actually just more about karma (and it bites hard! lol) but I can see that what I’ve achieved might serve as a motivation for some people to make some positive changes of their own (heck if I can do it anybody can).

Today I ran 10K in my best time yet (54mins 56secs) and I’d like to dedicate that run to my Dad as he’s one of the MANY people who motivates me (he has only just signed up to facebook this weekend! so also renowned for being fashionably late to the party). He’s been a constant source of motivation in my life and has taught me many valuable lessons (alongside my lovely Mum – what a team). He always worked extremely hard to provide for and support us and continues to be a source of support and a constant presence in my life and as a grandfather to my daughter (not to mention the lives of my lovely Sister and her family also). I have him to thank for so many things, so regardless of how sentimental and soft it may seem my best performance today (so far) is for him. Thanks Dad!

My Dad suffers from Diabetes and his father before him did also. This disease is hard to live with and has a huge impact on how my Dad lives. He is luckliy stubborn enough (sound familiar?) to have it under control most of the time but it causes so many complications that it is certainly something I wish to avoid. Getting fit is no guarantee I will not also suffer from Diabetes but studies show that regular physical exercise ‘can’ prevent or at least seriously delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. This is one of the reasons I have started running and intend to keep running well after I’ve lost the weight.

I hope one day my Daughter will look to me in the way I look to my Dad as a source of motivation, support, guidance and strength. I want her to know that anything in life can be changed or improved as long as you work hard enough for it. I think that’s what Dads are for (alongside fart gags). Hopefully next year on fathers day I can beat this years record for her ;0)

For those intersted in the route and stats of today’s run head here. I did pause at the 5k point for some air and to take the photo but otheriwse it was a pretty good effort and a great workout!

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