19 Days Later: DDBD Report

So on the 31st August 2013 as planned I yet again set out to run a birthday marathon. A mixture of tough trail and road all on my doorstep. I was joined by friends and family along the way and between us we totaled up over 115 miles of running (me doing at least 26.2 of those). It’s taken me longer than I would of liked to pen this entry purely because as usual September is a busy month with Robyn and Chloe both returning to academic routines etc. It’s all sadly a little bit of a blur now so I shall keep this short. Not many photos this year unfortunately as I decided to leave my camera at home and run a little lighter. If anybody has some more email them to me please.

My main personal reflection of the day is how much easier it was this year compared to my first attempt the year before. I guess this is testament to another year of training and transforming myself from fat knacker to slim jim. Even though the pace was still slow enough for the event to be inclusive I covered the complete distance in far less time than last year and with fewer stops and walk sections (which considering the route is pretty good going). Recorded moving time was approx 4:50 but did have some garmin issues along the way so actually I think we did it in less. I’ve come out of the event feeling more confident and stronger than before and this is hopefully something I can take advantage of moving forward into winter training. Maybe I do have a 4 hour road marathon in me? I guess I’ll finally have to find out in the spring. Running details of the day can be found on garmin connect. The weather was again very kind to us. If anything slightly warmer than last year and not always in a nice way ;0).

Feedback from other participants was again positive and discussions at the finish line (pub) soon turned into questions about whether I shall repeat the event next year…Let’s see! I think maybe a half marathon next year to allow me to focus on other goals throughout the year?! One thing that is sure is that the route and timings will alter next year so that it can include weymouth parkrun (an event which held it’s first running on the same day as my birthday this year so our future will inevitably and forever be intertwined).

Once again there was a massive turnout of friends, colleagues and family members waiting for me at the end this year and showering me with presents, cards and celebratory beers. I love you all and appreciate your support. It’s the other running participants on the day though that deserve massive props for entertaining the silly idea in the first place and turning out on the day. I salute Ben, Gina, Lee, Sharon, Rich, Steve S, Dave H, Andy, Daz, Glen, Jasper, Chloe, Robyn, Ali, Bruce, Archie, Charlotte, Steve C for all lacing up a pair of trainers and keeping me company. Numbers were a little lighter this year (mostly due to unavoidable diary clashes for people who were still keen from last year….or so I’m told. lol) but this crew kept me smiling and on course all day. High fives and virtual group hugs all round. I also want to say a special thanks to Chloe and Robyn as my main support unit for the day (in fact for life). Yet again they did me proud. Mwah x x x.

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