I love my feet (they take me places)

morning. todays run was a much slower (steady) effort compared to yesterday but I managed a full 8k today without a pause which ain't bad before brekkie. It also goes some way (although not far) to attone for the chinese takeaway I scoffed down last night. We've had such a crazy couple of weeks at... Continue Reading →

New Personal Best – Fuck Yeah!

A warm and sunny morning but somehow managed a non-stop 25 minute 5k run this morning setting my new PB at 25min and zero seconds (according to endomondo). Very pleased with that as I wouldn't of even dreamt of getting to a 25min time a few weeks/months back. Its nice to get a faster time in but... Continue Reading →

new 5K route

Trying out a new morning 5K route today. Needed the change of scene. I was pretty slow around but it was a nice route that circles radipole lake and finishes off much closer to my front door (which is handy in the mornings). It does finish off with an absolute killer hill. Always good to... Continue Reading →

decked out

managed to get out of bed and get running this morning and although sluggish and hardwork I feel much better for it (endorphine junkie?). Last day in the office today and then a long weekend of camping ahead with Chloe and Robyn....can't wait!

a tree

annoyingly didn't make it out of bed this morning for a run and exercise withdrawal and monday morning blues are combining to make me proper grumpy. Went for a ramble across the fields at lunchtime to try and cheer myself up.....it almost worked ;0)

10K for my Dad

Since I started running a little over 4 months ago and started losing weight various people have referred to me or what I'm doing as "inspirational".  I'm sure (and hope) that these remarks are made flippantly as I'd hate to think of myself as an inspiration (that title should be reserved for very special people... Continue Reading →


nice run out this morning. later than normal but I think thats allowed on the weekend. Wierdly when I ran along the seafront this morning I found the british army had invaded the beach. I'm sure thats the military equivalent of a home goal ;0) anyhoo finished the run at the pheonix bakery where I... Continue Reading →

I’m not one

Amazing run time this morning which is nice...mind is on other things sadly and this image kind of sums that up. Got out some frustration out though pounding the pavement and my head is a little clearer now, busy day ahead...so onwards and upwards.

cradles of the damned

treated myself to a late start this morning and didn't get my jog on till 6:30am ....shocker. off to exeter today in search of new troooosers and a yummy noodle lunch amongst other things.

the punch and judy show

great run this morning...new playlist worked wonders. I really like this snap and may have to get it printed. In my mind if weymouth beach was always this quiet it'd be perfect, sadly that would be quite selfish but i'm happy capturing this one still moment in a photo until the council grant my wish... Continue Reading →

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