ghost train!

Well a lovely 8 mile run this morning. Not quick but pleasant and two of those miles I switched onto the pebble beach to mix things up a little. Since this time last week @endomondo tells me i've covered 32.11 miles which is pretty cool as on Wednesday I celebrate my 32nd birthday. If you'd... Continue Reading →

the strange cloakroom analogy

Its been almost a week since my last blog entry and that not so strangely coincides with things at home getting immensely busy with house moving related activities. We've already accomplished lots but have more than enough left to do to last us a small lifetime. Neglecting my blog is almost one of those skills... Continue Reading →

the punch and judy horror show

Managed to sleep in today and not get out for a run until much later. The Sun has also returned to Weybiza this morning and it was hot hot hot along the seafront. The summer season is in full flow here and spent most of my run zig zagging through holiday makers. I have to... Continue Reading →

8 Mile (feat: the real french lady)

Ran 8 miles this afternoon from Maumbury Rings in Dorchester down to Ali gardens in Weymouth. I was joined by the infamous Ben French (from Shooter, Hustle and 15 other bands). It was a nice run and we took it steady. I embarrassingly had to walk some of the first mile due to generally struggling... Continue Reading →

wish you were here

morning! I managed to get up early enough this morning to get in a run along the beach and see the sun just peak over the hills. A beautiful sight and so peaceful. I'm hoping the streets of London are calmer this morning and that all my city based friends are safe and well. It's... Continue Reading →

No Pauses (and Thanks Tobias)

Today I had a great run. My aim was to make sure I forgot that my endomondo app had a pause button and that my smartphone didn't have a camera (see my last post for reasons). I accomplished both and managed to run a steady 6.5 miles and could have probably gone for more. I... Continue Reading →

crazy horses

Another good workout tonight covering over 7 miles running but again and almost irritatingly interspersed with several walks and pauses. Not sure why I haven't been able keep a consistent and sustainable pace over the last few runs. I'm trying not to let it sterss me though and just enjoy being out. I guess I'm... Continue Reading →

I wish I could fly…

...but I can't! so I'll just have to settle for a wet walk in the rain followed by a bus ride to Dorchester. Pretty miserable morning on the weather front but trying to stay chipper. I'm really looking forward to a run tonight to help raise the spirits. Time now seems to be moving much... Continue Reading →

ice cream dreams

a slow and hard 4 mile run this morning with plenty of walking in between. My body reminding me constantly that I'm no athlete (yet). Lovely morning to be out at the beach though. I'm now sat outside WHsmith waiting to buy a birthday card for mrsDisco. In all the excitement of sorting out presents... Continue Reading →

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