Fighting Fit…and Boxercise

So the last few days have been good ones as regards my general well-being and fitness. The last week or so since I last posted I've been struggling both physically and mentally with my running. I was making it out and completing 5 miles or so at a time but never really got to that... Continue Reading →

Hardys Monument

Was a strange weekend as far as my running has been concerned. Friday night I upped the distance slightly and ran back to Weymouth (7.5 miles) to congratulate my Mum on her running efforts and grab a cup of tea with my folks. In the process my big toe busted through the upper of my... Continue Reading →

Stinsford Route and Garmin Fit

I woke up this morning to a rare helping of sunshine streaming through the window so I decided to skip breakfast and head out for a run. It was a nice opportunity to try a new route which mixed pavement and trail going out to Stinsford Church (above) and then along the river to Bockhampton... Continue Reading →

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