post work

Sluggish run after a long day in the office. Glad to have got the miles in tho'. Many thanks to for making it possible 👟👍❤👓🎧🙈 #rdr #seenonmyrun #running

flood waters

flooded paths #seenonmyrun in #dorset. Tackled them 'bear hunt' style...u gotta go through it! #coldfeet 👟👍😎🎧🐟🌊

running from depression

2015 has seen me return to depression. That's not a word I use often or lightly. It's a word that has all manner of negative connotations that I don't like to be associated with. It's a word that maybe forces me to admit I'm not on top of things and I can't cope! It is... Continue Reading →

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