8 Mile (feat: the real french lady)

Ran 8 miles this afternoon from Maumbury Rings in Dorchester down to Ali gardens in Weymouth. I was joined by the infamous Ben French (from Shooter, Hustle and 15 other bands). It was a nice run and we took it steady. I embarrassingly had to walk some of the first mile due to generally struggling with the ridgeway hill, car smog and asthma but glad to say I kept going and the rest of the distance was pretty plain sailing. Ben is irritatingly quite fit and didn’t seem to struggle at all but I reckon his legs are gonna be sore tomorrow. He also wore the most hideous luminous yellow running top which meant I had to run with my eyes bleeding ;0)

Followed the 8 mile run with a 2 mile stroll home…now waiting in a chinese takeaway to replenish calories…ooops.

stats and route can be found here on endomondo

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