born to run – 10 miles?!?

So tonight I was was going to go running with my two brothers-in-law (Phil and Bruce) for a training run but Phil couldn’t end up making it and we ended up postponing till tomorrow evening. It got to about 8 o’clock though and I decided I had to go out and run. I’d had the two previous days off and my feet were itching to get out. I’ve been reading born to run and it has me totally hooked. It’s a great read and pretty gripping stuff. On top of the fact that it argues pretty convincingly that we are all in essence built for running It covers lots of info about various ultra marathon running legends and extreme running geeks and It really got me motivated. Not to go and cover a certain distance and not to do it at speed (in fact the opposite). Tonight I just wanted to get out and enjoy running. I set off with no headphones and almost gump style just kept running. I was almost home when I heard my phone in my bumbag shout out that I had done 9 miles… that point it seemed silly not to round it off to ten :0) <– for the stats fans who wondered how slow I went ;0)

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