Bouncing Back

So this week I’ve been trying to get my running life back on track (some pun intended). Foot injuries seems to be healed and a week of excess eating and drinking left me feeling altogether wretched. Time to get back into shape especially as that Bath Half Marathon in March isn’t looking that far away anymore. Only two days in and the bounce back is actually more difficult than I’d imagined (which is frightening as I haven’t been out of action all that long). I’ve set out to run short distances and slowly but more often to build up some strength again in the muscles that have been letting me down of late. I’m trying not to push too far or too fast and starting the vicious injury cycle all over again.

This is where the recovery has been more difficult than I could of imagined, physically running has not been a huge struggle (although I can notice the downward spiral after only a week or two of excess), what has come hard is ignoring that little voice in my head that wants me to keep pushing. It’s a tough thing to do. I trust that voice. That voice got me running in the first place. That voice kept me going. That voice got me from 1k to 10 miles and has been teaching me never to give up all this time. I secretly love that voice in my head. Now I have to find a balance between that voice and another voice that tells me I should slow down. Turn back. Take it easy. That voice is sooo boring!

Anyway I thought I’d share the inner conflict in my head as it amused me (yes voices in my head! call the men in white coats!). I can assure you I am being good and keeping my distances short and my speed slooow at least for a little while longer……(although secretly me and the other voice can’t wait to be back on form and kicking the choir boy voices ass! haha). Anyone have similar mental issues they want to share to make me feel more comfortable with mine? …..anyone?

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