DDBD 2013 Live Tracking

A week on Saturday (the 31st Augugst) I will attempt to run my second marathon distance to celebrate my birthday. Thankfully I’m not doing it alone. I have a good number of friends and family joining me for bits of the run (about 20 peeps if all goes well). I’m not sure if I’ll make it. Training has been going well but it’s a tough route including some big and long hills and finishes off with 8 miles of trail. It’s not a race though so I’m planning a slow pace. It should be fun and it’ll definitely finish with a beer. whoop whoop! If things work out well you’ll be able to track our current position on the map below.

(huge thanks to greenalp.com for making the above possible. link at bottom of post to go and grab the app)

You can view the intended route here on garmin connect and the tracking above will be available from about 9am which is when we hope to set off from Dorchester. Hopefully we’ll reach the finish line (The Cove Inn, Portland) at approx 2:15pm. You might need to refresh the page to be able to see updates and be aware at times there may be some lag if I’m out of cell coverage (likely to be on Portland). Links to this page will also be posted to facebook and twitter the morning of the run. The party starts at 2pm at the finish line if you are in the neighbourhood and want to come along.

Disco Birthday Bash (Finishing Line Party)

On the 1st September I’ll be one day into my 33rd year on this planet (yeegads! I still feel 15). I’m celebrating by running a marathon (as life is far too short to not give it a go). It’s a casual affair and I have some friends and family joining me for parts of the run. It should be a giggle (or very painful).

The run starts in Dorchester, goes through parts of Weymouth and concludes by running right around Portland. The finish line is pretty much at the Cove Inn on Portland with the wonderful views the beach has to offer. Where better to grab a pint and celebrate getting old? Please come along, cheer me over the line and and help me celebrate my birthday. Bring family, friends etc and make an afternoon of it. I should cross the line at roughly 14:15 if all goes to plan but I’d suggest arriving by 14:00 (2pm in old money).

(more details about the run here. It’s not to late to join in the running – just message me -> http://rundiscorun.com/2012/06/discos-daring-birthday-dash/ )

024: The running man

024: The running man

Two weeks today I’ll be running my first race…I’m getting excited but I’m more than aware I’ve been a little lapse with my training the last two weeks, but trying not to beat myself up too much considering how far I’ve come in the last eight months. This morning I got out and did a 7 mile run around the top of the ancient iron age hill fort called Maiden Castle which is luckily right on my door step. It’s quite the up and down course of rough terrain but a brilliant view from the top and plenty of sheep for company (oo-err). I carried a backpack and camera as I wanted to get a proper running picture of me actually running somewhere in this project…job done! I took the route slow and steady as I don’t want to be turning an ankle at this stage but it was a great workout and I now feel pumped and ready to face the rest of my busy day.

// route, stats and playlist here
// help me raise money for @unicef_uk and support my bath half marathon efforts here

019: Run Disco Run

19: Run Disco Run

So the keen eyed will notice I didn’t take or upload a picture yesterday…ooops! …anyway… moving on….. *cough*

Today my fundraising pack and running tee arrived from UNICEF UK (much quicker than I expected). I wasted no time in going for a quick training run to see how it felt. I’ll now wash it carefully with tender loving care and put it to one side until race day. The girls joined me on their bikes and it was a pretty energetic finish to a fairly quiet day.

For those who don’t have a scoobies clue about what I’m on about then please read the blurb below taken from my fundraising page. Then go and DONATE! Me and Unicef need your support.

“Background – I started running in Feb 2011. I had never run before. I was overweight, frumpy, bumpy and grumpy. I started off small and struggled to run around the block but my stubborn attitude eventually won out over my physical limitations and over a 6-8 month period I transformed myself from a 17 stone lump to a 12 and a half stone running man and in the process found something I really enjoy doing that in the process was making me physically and mentally fitter. I entered myself into a 10 mile race in October 2011 (now a few weeks away) so I could continue to challenge myself and not grow lazy again. I’ve covered that distance in training and am pretty hopeful I can finish the course in a few weeks time and even with a relatively respectable time (considering I’m still a racing virgin). I didn’t want that to be the end of this story…

The Plan – I want to keep running and I want to keep pushing to reach new goals. The next obvious running target is a half marathon and the bath half is well placed in March of 2012 to give me an excuse to keep training through the dark and cold winter months. I’ve already benefited from my running as have my family and some of my friends (by me being less grumpy and happier). This time round I want to spread some love to a deserving charity. If you take the time to look around the UNICEF website you’ll hopefully understand why I have chosen to join team UNICEF and raise money for them so that they can continue to do this important work and make a difference to the lives of Children who need help.

The Money – Places with team UNICEF are limited and to be allowed to run with them I have to raise £350 (on top of my £30 registration) on their behalf and I have pledged that I will hit this target. I don’t want to just scrape my way onto the team though, I want to make it really worthwhile and am hoping to raise £500 (or more – ‘cos that how I roll).

So if you’ve read this and think it’s a good idea (or even if you don’t) and you want to support me (and UNICEF) then please donate.

I’m well aware you make regular contributions to charity and I think you’re all fab. I don’t want to be just someone else asking you for your limited cash when times are hard and I completely understand if you cannot but I’d still urge you to take a look around the UNICEF website. Every amount however small will help me reach this target. Donations don’t have to be large (although very welcome)…maybe the cost of a cup of coffee?

For those close family and friends who would be buying me a christmas present this year….DON’T….just come here and donate again. This is important to me. (ps Robyn and Chloe still LOVE presents!!)

Thank You all in advance for your support.


not sure if….


I’m not sure if the GD they gave me was for ‘GOAL DEFENSE ‘ or ‘GOD DAMN-SEXY’ either way netball remains a complete mystery to me. It was a good afternoon though supporting all the girls who’d turned up to play for charity and meeting up with the campbell tribe. I think in future i’ll stick to running :0).