Help Needed Staying on Plan

Ok! Time for a new training plan. I’ve been slowly and slowly becoming more lazy over the last few weeks and it’s time to mix things up a little with a new plan. I’ve been running a set three times a week for so long I need to shake up the routine and get back to the fitness level I enjoyed before Christmas rather than be happy letting things slide to their inevitable flabby conclusion. The next big event in the Calendar is my birthday marathon and although not a race and undertaken at a very slow and steady pace I’d like to finish it this year with a greater degree of comfort and confidence and ready to put in good performances in a few races just after that.

The new plan is actually based on one provided through the Garmin connect website and I’m jumping right in at week 6 (probably not advisable but I only have 10 weeks until my birthday run). This plan has me running 5 times each week so it’s going to be ‘interesting’ trying to fit it all in around life at work/home. I’m hoping this will be the catalyst I need to force me into better habits. I want to get to bed at a more sensible time and be a bit more lively in the mornings (as when I’ve had periods like this in the past I’ve felt much better for it). Other changes this time round are the fact the program doesn’t see me running the same days every week and has much more variety in the content. The program also focuses on running for set time periods rather than reaching a set distance. This will be completely new to me but I’m intrigued to see how this pans out. Running 5 times a week will take some adjustment but  I could certainly do with the increasing my mileage and it’s about time I did more interval/speed-work sessions to give myself a push. I can only give it a go and see how I get on.

I’m posting this here and will hopefully continue to post here with my progress every now and again as I’m pretty rubbish at following training plans. I need your help keeping me honest and accountable to the plan. Help me out. The picture above is an extract of the what I need to achieve this week. Today should be a doddle (rest I can do. lol).

What’s your plan and how do you stick to it?

Beauty of the Irrational

I came across this video today on vimeo and thought it worth sharing. Ryan Sandes is obviously as far from me as you can get in terms of running performance and achievements, he looks insanely fit, motivated and looks like he spends a good amount of his time and energy running events like this but a few of his comments rang true with me and it’s nice to feel that even guys like this have similar mental blocks and confidence issues they have to overcome (they’re only human after all?!?). I particularly liked his comments near the end of the video about finding your own path (both in terms of running and life)

The other thing that struck me in the video was just the landscape he was running through. Just Epic. I’m lucky in Dorset to have some beautiful places to run right on my doorstep but I think I need to start compiling a list of places further from home that I’d like to run before I die. Fish River Canyon in Namibia is now the first entry on that list. Where would you most like to run/cycle/swim/trek? (If money, time and 1001 other commitments weren’t getting in the way)