running from depression

2015 has seen me return to depression. That's not a word I use often or lightly. It's a word that has all manner of negative connotations that I don't like to be associated with. It's a word that maybe forces me to admit I'm not on top of things and I can't cope! It is... Continue Reading →

The Cure

I'm having a strange running block. I know it's the cure I need but I lack the forward momentum to get my ass out the door. Have arranged to run with a good friend tomorrow evening. Hopefully it'll be the start of a return to form and more smiles. It may even mean I can... Continue Reading →

DDBD 2013 Live Tracking

A week on Saturday (the 31st Augugst) I will attempt to run my second marathon distance to celebrate my birthday. Thankfully I’m not doing it alone. I have a good number of friends and family joining me for bits of the run (about 20 peeps if all goes well). I’m not sure if I’ll make... Continue Reading →

DDBD 2013

So some of you may remember that last year I had this crazy idea to run a marathon on my birthday. I started in Dorchester and finished at the Cove Inn on Portland after 26.2(ish) miles of running. Along the way I was joined by friends and family who all ran a proportion of the... Continue Reading →

Help Needed Staying on Plan

Ok! Time for a new training plan. I've been slowly and slowly becoming more lazy over the last few weeks and it's time to mix things up a little with a new plan. I've been running a set three times a week for so long I need to shake up the routine and get back... Continue Reading →

My Dirty Little Secret

I have a dirty little secret. I have an addiction. It sometimes keeps me awake at night and distracts me during the day. I am a running shoe addict. It started off small, my first pair, they felt so comfortable. It was all so innocent. We built up a rapport and spent lots of time together but... Continue Reading →

DDBD Live Tracking

Tomorrow I attempt my first marathon distance run. Thankfully I'm not doing it alone. I have a good number of friends and family joining me for bits of the run (about 20 peeps if all goes well). I'm not sure if I'll make it. Training has been going well but it's a tough route including... Continue Reading →

Worried Man…Has Plan

Well plans are now in motion, the metaphorical digital gauntlet has been metaphorically thrown down and in about 5 weeks time I'll be embarking on my first stab at running a marathon (a real one - not a metaphor). OK so I'm doing my first one in a slightly unconventional way but I'm doing it.... Continue Reading →

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