The Liberty Loco

Yesterday I embarked on a running event with a difference. The event was organised by Peter Herridge who regularly records and uploads a mostly running flavoured podcast called Spikes.  The idea was to have a social run (not a race) from Ham Hill in Yeovil, Somerset to Lyme Regis, Dorset following the Liberty Trail. Peter had... Continue Reading →

Running Update

I realised whilst berating my daughter yesterday for not updating her blog that I should practice what I preach. It's been a little while since I posted anything at all so thought I'd start by bringing you up to speed on what's been going on with my running. It's a purely running based post so... Continue Reading →

Thank you

I just received an email from @UNICEF_UK thanking me for my fund raising efforts for the #bathhalf. Some of the contents of which are as follows.... By reaching your target and raising £664.34 you could buy all the medicines, sterilisation and resuscitation equipment to help UNICEF safely deliver 14 babies and provide enough Polio vaccines... Continue Reading →

I ran 4 miles on these

Contrary to popular belief I don't enjoy pain. Almost one year ago today I wouldn't have considered running 4 miles with good feet possible let alone the 11 I ran on Saturday that got them to this state in the first place. I certainly wouldn't have considered running on feet that look as ugly and... Continue Reading →

Fighting Fit…and Boxercise

So the last few days have been good ones as regards my general well-being and fitness. The last week or so since I last posted I've been struggling both physically and mentally with my running. I was making it out and completing 5 miles or so at a time but never really got to that... Continue Reading →

Hardys Monument

Was a strange weekend as far as my running has been concerned. Friday night I upped the distance slightly and ran back to Weymouth (7.5 miles) to congratulate my Mum on her running efforts and grab a cup of tea with my folks. In the process my big toe busted through the upper of my... Continue Reading →

Stinsford Route and Garmin Fit

I woke up this morning to a rare helping of sunshine streaming through the window so I decided to skip breakfast and head out for a run. It was a nice opportunity to try a new route which mixed pavement and trail going out to Stinsford Church (above) and then along the river to Bockhampton... Continue Reading →

Bouncing Back

So this week I've been trying to get my running life back on track (some pun intended). Foot injuries seems to be healed and a week of excess eating and drinking left me feeling altogether wretched. Time to get back into shape especially as that Bath Half Marathon in March isn't looking that far away... Continue Reading →

Where in the world is Disco Stu?!?

So I am still alive but my blog and photo project have become a baron wasteland of activity for several what gives? ...... stuff I guess. Life post house move has been hectic and the transition of us all settling into our new house, lives, roles and other assorted shizz has got in the... Continue Reading →

I wish I could fly…

...but I can't! so I'll just have to settle for a wet walk in the rain followed by a bus ride to Dorchester. Pretty miserable morning on the weather front but trying to stay chipper. I'm really looking forward to a run tonight to help raise the spirits. Time now seems to be moving much... Continue Reading →

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