cool runnings…hey ya!

“feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, something something something…it’s bobsled time. cool runnings!”

ok ok so quoting a corny disney film is sinking to new levels of low to fill a blog post but actually think this film illustrates something i’m fast learning about running.

There is lots of info and advise out there about running, diet, stretching, training, pacing, injury prevention and everything else under the sun plus people who are already out there doing and achieving what I (you) want to achieve and it’s all too easy to fall into the trap like our Jamaican bobsled cousins to try and emulate others and blindy follow techniques that work for some but not necessarily everyone. There are times when this is worth doing (even just to say you’ve tried it) but i’m finding just like my bobsled buddies that this (if you let it) can cloud the mind and get u all stressin’ when you should be relaxin’. It could however just be me who falls into this trap. I’m easily led. lol!

This morning I had a great run. Not a fast run. Not a long run but a good enjoyable 5 miles that could of easily turned into 10 or 15 if i’d let it. I put it down to turning up the tunes, dancing to outkasts’ ‘Hey Ya’ and clearing my mind and relaxing into it. This is what works for me (sometimes). Be yourself kids!

kiss the egg… runnings.

Photo of Weymouth beach #seenonmyrun

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