DDBD 2013


So some of you may remember that last year I had this crazy idea to run a marathon on my birthday. I started in Dorchester and finished at the Cove Inn on Portland after 26.2(ish) miles of running. Along the way I was joined by friends and family who all ran a proportion of the route they felt comfortable with – whether that be half a mile to 18 of them! It was nice to complete the marathon distance last year but actually the bit I enjoyed most was sharing the experience with the rest of you. Everyone who took part really enjoyed the day. A long run is much easier when you’ve got a bunch of nice people to chat with along the way. I’d like to do it again this year. Do you fancy joining in on Saturday 31st August?

You don’t have to be a runner to join in and take part. The pace is slow and if you want to stop after a few short metres then that’s fine by me, I’ll just appreciate the fact you turned up to join in and will look forward to sharing a beer with you at the end. Although this could be a great excuse to get out and give running a try and there are a number of  ‘couch 2 5k’ programs and apps I can recommend if you’re a newbie. Several of last years participants achieved personal bests in terms of distance covered and I know they’ll be keen to push further this year. It’ll be the same route as last year as it made it pretty easy to meet people along the way and I hope to yet again utilise online tracking to help people know my whereabouts en-route. They’ll be food and plenty of beer at the pub finish line and I encourage all those who can’t run (and those that do) to come and cheer me over the line and into the bar to start the party. I’d love to get as many (if not more) people involved as last year so if you’re interested in running leave a comment below or DM me on facebook or twitter and I can include you on an email with more details. You’ve got nothing to lose but your sanity 😉 

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