Fighting Fit…and Boxercise

So the last few days have been good ones as regards my general well-being and fitness. The last week or so since I last posted I’ve been struggling both physically and mentally with my running. I was making it out and completing 5 miles or so at a time but never really got to that ‘happy place’ where it felt comfortable and not painful. Over the few weeks this just seemed to build and build and it was getting me down and giving me doubts that I would ever run any distance over 5-6 miles again and that the 13 miles in March were not going to be achievable….I didn’t share about it here as frankly it was all a little depressing but I’m very pleased to say I’ve managed to push past these mental doubts and a good 10 mile run with some cheeky hills on Saturday has given me the boost to realise it’s all in my head and that I still kick ass! *stupid brain mutter grumble mutter* Onwards and upwards.

Tonight I tried something new and for me completely different and well out of the comfort zone. I had Robyn booked onto a street dance class at the leisure centre so I decided rather than spend 50 mins waiting for her to finish (bored out of my brain) I’d book myself on a fitness class that ran the same time. The only option that fitted the bill was boxercise. So tonight I tried boxercise (oh how I’ve changed in 12 months)! For me the whole fitness class vibe is alien but with the confidence gained from running I didn’t feel completely out of my depth and in fact I’d say I quite enjoyed it. The circuits should definitely help with me building core strength (something I’m rubbish at trying to do on my own) and it serves as a nice break to the running routine. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel comfortable in that environment but heck they let me kick a punch-bag…my inner child was well happy :0)

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