Hardys Monument

Was a strange weekend as far as my running has been concerned. Friday night I upped the distance slightly and ran back to Weymouth (7.5 miles) to congratulate my Mum on her running efforts and grab a cup of tea with my folks. In the process my big toe busted through the upper of my Kinvara 2’s (right foot) in exactly the same way as previsouly happened on my Nike Triax’s. In both pairs I’d only covered around 250-300 miles so out of frustration and desperation I decided Saturday to hop on a train to Parkstone and seek the advise of those clever people in the running shop (both previous pairs just bought off the shelf or via web) just to make sure I had the right size etc.

It was quite the experience and they were full of good advice. They also had some clever technology which took video footage of me running on a treadmill and were able to play it back to me in slow motion to see what was going on across different shoes etc. It highlighted that whilst suffering from muscle pains in my foot from the run the night before I was tending to be sloppy and heel-strike. When I did my arches were collapsing and my feet rolled all over the place, my legs jarred in allsorts of uncomfortable directions to compensate. This wasn’t corrected by me trying different types of running shoes. As soon as I concentrated on fore-foot striking though everything tidied up and things got back into line. All useful information as I have felt that since building up the miles again over the past month things have generally not felt right and I probably haven’t been paying due attention to how I’m running. Thats something I can address. The holes in the uppers is something I’m going to have to continue to live with to a certain extent (apart from keeping my nails shorter). I can still run with the Kinvara’s but I find on longer runs it’s a source of distraction. In the end I’ve decided to plump for a slightly cheaper option to my Kinvara love and pick up a pair of Grid Flex’s (also from Saucony) as they should still be pretty lightweight and don’t have a massive heel to toe drop (Although not classed as minimal) and with the difference in price I’ve picked up a cheap pair of light trail shoes that I can use and abuse out in the mud. Hopefully in rotating these two new pairs with my existing Kinvara’s I’ll be covered for a few more miles yet.

Sunday I was still a little sore and should of just gone out for a light recovery run but being a lovely sunny morning I got a little carried away and headed along a new route to Hardys monument. It’s a fairly prominent marker on the local landscape and one I’ve wanted to add to my log for sometime. It turns out to be quite a climb (about 720ft) over 4-5 miles over country road and some tracks but the view from the top made it all worthwhile. I headed out slow and after my experience in the running shop applied a fair bit of concentration to making sure I was striking on my forefoot rather than slopping around on my heels. A day later and my calves are aching a little but no noticeable muscular pains in my feet which considering it was a longer run than Friday seems to indicate it’s something I should continue to work on.

Putting all the weird techncial issues to one side it was a lovely run and a nice way to finish the week with my mileage total back up heading towards 30 miles a week. Lets hope I can keep it up. Next time I do this route I may pack a DSLR in my bag to get some decent shots of the view to share for now you’ll have to make do with these mobile snaps.

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