it ain’t always easy

I'm really frustrated this morning as I wanted to get out of bed and put in a strong 6 mile performance to prove to myself that I could get that kind of distance into my morning routine and still leave enough time to help get the family and myself ready for the day. It didn't all go to plan.

I think I was out for pretty much an hour including warm up and down so i've proved I could fit it into the routine (although had to be much more focussed and rushed when I returned) but the run itself was just not good this morning. I struggled to find the headspace and reach a comfortable pace, I felt sluggish and stiff and unlike other mornings I couldn't seem to shake this off en route. I only just managed 5 mile and that was slowly with pauses. I know I should be content with the fact I got out and ran a distance and am probably slightly naive to think the transition from 5k to 5mile runs would be simple but I know I am capable of more and I'm a bit annoyed my head and body couldn't get it together and deliver today.

Thems the breaks though kids,  this is training after all and if everyday was easy then I guess there wouldn't be much of a challenge and that wouldn't be fun. Tomorrow is another day and i'll have an extra smidge of determination and grit to carry round in my fanny-pack! (yes I said fanny-pack! #smirk)

photo taken from sandsfoot beach.

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