maiden castle 10 mile idiot

Just had an amazing 10 mile run. It had it all – Tarmac, Trail, Sun, Rain, Sheep, Iron age hill fort, Sheep poo, Steep drops, Killer inclines, Mud, More Sheep, Pot holes, Fog. I loved every minute of it and after completing the maiden castle loop for 5-6 miles I added on a few pavement miles for good measure. A great work out.

It was kinda bitter sweet though as I had also lugged my carefully swaddled DSLR camera around the route in a backpack so I could set up an epic self portrait for my family365 project with the dramatic skies and amazing views from the top of maiden castle behind me. Sadly after running up hills for 4 miles and spotting the perfect vista. I found my camera was without SD card…Shit! Great excuse to repeat the run next week I guess. I’m such an idiot.

Route, Stats and playlist here

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