My Dirty Little Secret

shoe crazy
addicted to sole

I have a dirty little secret. I have an addiction. It sometimes keeps me awake at night and distracts me during the day. I am a running shoe addict.

It started off small, my first pair, they felt so comfortable. It was all so innocent. We built up a rapport and spent lots of time together but then one day they let me down. They started to niggle. They cheated on me, they hurt me. I saw better runners in better shoes and thought they might make me a better runner too, a better person. They had to be mine. Sure they were shiny and fun at first and we hung out for miles and miles but then I soon realised they were just slowing me down.

Maybe I was just hanging around with the wrong crowd? I changed brands, swapped allegiances and tried to get an edge. Less is more they told me and I found some truth in that. Less shoe – more money? It must be the science I told myself. I had to have more. Miles and miles and so many memories. The collection grew and grew. Shoes for road, shoes for trail, shoes for wet, dry, sun, snow,  grass, gravel, public holidays and even for events. I have tried them all. Shoes for all seasons. Shoes in every colour as surely fashion and coördination are the key to injury reduction. I love them all and still want more. I’ve tried to go cold turkey (even barefooted) but I still while away my spare time contemplating low weight, heal to toe differentials and lacing systems. It’s a healthy vice I guess and not quite as expensive as drugs (if you catch the sales at the right time) but I’m sure one day my loved ones will instigate some kind of intervention and start to throw old pairs out. I guard them just in case and perform regular stock audits.

I need therapy. Group therapy. Does anyone else out there struggle with this? and if you do what do you think of the saucony virrata? worth a punt for this summers long road miles?

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