New Personal Best – Fuck Yeah!

A warm and sunny morning but somehow managed a non-stop 25 minute 5k run this morning setting my new PB at 25min and zero seconds (according to endomondo). Very pleased with that as I wouldn’t of even dreamt of getting to a 25min time a few weeks/months back. Its nice to get a faster time in but I don’t want to get too hung up on it. I’m not racing and really just want to enjoy the runs and keep fit. Time to start building up the distance again and trying new routes (although does that mean I have to get up before 5 eeek?!?). Anyhoo Robyn has her School sports day today and I have the morning off to go and cheer her on….should be fun!

stats, playlist and route can be found here… 

p.s. WTF is going on with my hair! uggg 

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