No Pauses (and Thanks Tobias)

Tobias Schadewaldt (back) and Hannes Baumann (front)
Tobias Schadewaldt (back) and Hannes Baumann (front)

Today I had a great run. My aim was to make sure I forgot that my endomondo app had a pause button and that my smartphone didn’t have a camera (see my last post for reasons). I accomplished both and managed to run a steady 6.5 miles and could have probably gone for more. I started off slowly and that helped as I felt I was able to work my way up to a steady pace and still feel like I had something left in the tank even after conquering both sides of bowleaze hill in quick succession. It was a nice morning. As I was running back along the preston beach end of the seafront I passed someone who then must have turned around and I was suddenly aware that someone was sat on my heels. Wierdly some instinct I didn’t know I had made me pick up my pace, they matched it but didn’t pass. I kept going for a little while and then glanced behind me to give a passing smile and to check it wasn’t a policeman or someone just wanting an autograph (hey it happens! lol) and the guy then pulls up beside me and we get chatting and he then kindly kept pacing me all the way back into town and along to the pavilion just generally making small talk and him offering me encouragement.

It Turns out he is Tobias Schadewaldt who is part of the 49er class pairing pictured above (click here for more details) hoping to compete in the 2012 Olympic Sailing for Germany. He seemed like a nice guy anyway and was obviously pretty fit. He criticized my tense upper body running style and told me I need to try and relax. Not the first time I’ve heard this and probably won’t be the last so I can take it on the chin. I’m only new to this so getting better everyday. Anyway was nice to chat to someone and kept my mind from wandering. Todays run gave me some confidence back as I set off having aches and pains and these I managed to run off. I also managed a 6.5 mile run with no pauses and feeling like I had some energy left which I reckon means I can complete this 10 miler in under 1hr 30 mins. In fact as I have till October I’d like to get this unofficial aim down to 1hr 20mins. I finished the run at the Pavilion and strolled back through town to grab some water and brekkie and walked home. A good way to start the day….and Good Luck to Tobias and Hannes (you can also follow them on twitter here @Tobi_Hannes )

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