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So this week I have decided to give myself a kick up the butt as far as my weight and fitness levels are concerned. This has included cutting out the 20 extra meals in a day, pruning back on my dairy intake and getting in some exercise. It’s started with at least 20 mins on the Wii Fit after work (Robyn acting as my Personal Trainer) and I’m now also trying to add in a small run (yes you heard right…run!) every couple of days. It’s not a pretty sight seeing a ridiculously fat asthmatic ex-smoker haul his fat ass around the pavements but Weybizia will just have to wear it as I’m committed.


Yesterday the girls came with me and helped me jog round the block…tonight I had a personal goal of covering 1 mile solo. 1 Mile I know is nothing to people who properly run but heck I have to start somewhere and they say every little counts. As expected it wasn’t pretty but I managed what could be mistaken as jogging for at least the first 0.84 of a miles (click to see route and stats – no laughing plz). Sadly at this point it turned into more of brisk walk with my calves burning like hell, my lungs collapsing and me throwing my phone (which was acting as jukebox and GPS tracker – yes I ‘m a geek!!) onto the pavement at which point it flew into pieces. This is a slight exaggeration as my lung wasn’t collapsing but the phone thing certainly knocked me off of my stride (my poor precious) so I kind of stepped it back to a power walk while I tried to repair the damage and fill my lungs. This meant the tracking of the rest of the route though was non-existent…grrr.

The phone I’m happy to say is fine and I completed the route (although not reflected above) which being circular I’m guessing is probably actually just over 1 mile. I don’t plan on breaking any world records but my aim is to repeat this 1 mile-ish route over the next few weeks to build up my stamina to a point where I can at least jog the whole route and start to progressively increase the distance. I guess in the back of my mind I’m thinking if I can do it 26 times then that’s a marathon right? (ok it’s a lame marathon for a fatty but a marathon none the less). The app I’m using on my phone is great as I can geek out over the stats, see my routes progress and also see what I was listening to. For those interested it’s called endomondo. I just need to find a way of carrying it securely while running. I guess I need to find a pair of shorts with a zip pocket or do peeps have other recommendations? (disclaimer no bum-bags or fanny-packs unless they look hot and slimming!)

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