Stinsford Route and Garmin Fit

I woke up this morning to a rare helping of sunshine streaming through the window so I decided to skip breakfast and head out for a run. It was a nice opportunity to try a new route which mixed pavement and trail going out to Stinsford Church (above) and then along the river to Bockhampton and then up and around the back of Kingston Maurward, back past Stinsford and back through to Dorchester. I’m still building the distance back up but managed to run 5 miles out of the 5.5mile round trip. A very enjoyable run.

I also decided to start the year trying a new app on my phone to track my route and speed etc. I previously used and have been happy with endomondo but a few months ago I moved my data over to the much more community driven which also means I’m now not as tied into one app/service as long as I can export GPS files to upload to dailymile. I thought I’d give garmin fit a try as they make nifty GPS sports watches and I wondered what they’d achieved as regards mobile phone offerings. First impressions are very good but i’ll give it a few more outings until I post a review. Watch this space.

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