Thank you

I just received an email from @UNICEF_UK thanking me for my fund raising efforts for the #bathhalf. Some of the contents of which are as follows….

By reaching your target and raising £664.34 you could buy all the medicines, sterilisation and resuscitation equipment to help UNICEF safely deliver 14 babies and provide enough Polio vaccines to protect 3496 children.

The reason I’m sharing this is because the £664.34 didn’t come from me it came from you guys. Massive thanks to everyone who donated, baked cakes, spread the word and supported me in this venture. The thought of the money raised having that kind of positive effect on so many children’s lives is hopefully enough to give you (and I guess me) a slightly warm fuzzy feeling somewhere inside. You did great, big pat on the back from me (and not one of those condescending ones). If anybody still hasn’t had the opportunity of that warm fuzzy feeling then proceed here where you can still donate up until 11th April.


still love to know if this guy in the banana outfit beat me...damn fruit

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