the punch and judy horror show

Managed to sleep in today and not get out for a run until much later. The Sun has also returned to Weybiza this morning and it was hot hot hot along the seafront. The summer season is in full flow here and spent most of my run zig zagging through holiday makers. I have to say quite selfishly I can’t stand them. I know this town would be dead without them and I know I shouldn’t judge others (heck i’m far from perfect) but a run through the crowds on the seafront today and you can quite easily get a quick taste of all the worse aspects of humanity – greed, gluttony, acts bordering on cruelty to children and general rudeness that only seems to occur when ‘brits’ come on holiday. grrrargh! I’m probably being very harsh and i’m sure I passed plenty or perfectly pleasant well manored tourists but they sadly they don’t stand out and are probably a minority. I’ll still be happier when the season ends and peace returns to this particular dorset shore. selfish? damn straight. :0)

Was still a nice 5 mile run and nice to have the sunshine back.

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