the strange cloakroom analogy

Its been almost a week since my last blog entry and that not so strangely coincides with things at home getting immensely busy with house moving related activities. We’ve already accomplished lots but have more than enough left to do to last us a small lifetime.

Neglecting my blog is almost one of those skills I probably should have a degree in by now and doesn’t overly concern me but what does concern me is the impact it’s having on my running. In the last five days I managed one run. Thats pretty crap! My worry is that moving house and associated activities are giving me another excuse peg in the cloakroom of life to hang my lazy hat on….well no more! The rot stops here! I’m going to run home tonight and make a concerted effort to get at least 4 more runs in before the next weekend. I will be a runner. I will be fit. I will cover miles. I will kick ass. No excuses….and yeah I may update my blog ;0)

give me some encouragement and/or stopping the rot tips below. please? anyone?

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