training begins

For those who missed it I'm now registered on the weymouth 10 mile run in october. It's gonna be quite the challenge considering I couldn't run 1000 metres before February. Need to start stepping up the training regime to get me fitter and faster and strong enough to last the distance.

Last night I went for a run with my brother-in-law Phil who i've also managed to convince to sign up for thr race (hopefully Bruce will also join us). It was the first time i've ran with anyone else and also without headphones, happy to say  neither experiences were as bad as I thought they'd be. Luckily Phil is qualified in all things fitness and nutrition based and was able to offer some good advice.

anyhoo woke up this morning and thought i'd mix things up a little with a quick jaunt along to ferry bridge on the bike. Next stop town for bakery treats. 🙂

one more sleep till foo fighters!

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