Where in the world is Disco Stu?!?

run fat boy run (nice bum bag) ((photo courtesy of actionpic.co.uk))So I am still alive but my blog and photo project have become a baron wasteland of activity for several weeks…so what gives? …… stuff I guess. Life post house move has been hectic and the transition of us all settling into our new house, lives, roles and other assorted shizz has got in the way of me getting these extra things done. I’ve even up until the last few days pretty much been ignoring twitter (almost previsouly unheard of!). I’m including some general updates here to start making amends and hopefully I can slowly build back up to regular posting over the next few weeks.

Running is going well and is one of the things that has taken up much of my “spare” time. The couple of weeks leading up to the Weymouth 10 I really knuckled down to training and this really paid dividends on race day. I’m happy to report I completed the 10 mile course (with cheeky hills) in 80mins and 45secs which was way better than all my pre-race expectations. The first few miles were run at a blistering pace (for me) and it didn’t get much slower until mile 8. The last two miles were a struggle (mostly due to the previous 8 miles of speed) but I crossed the line a happy man and I still feel pretty proud of my achievements considering the journey I’ve taken over the last 8-9 months. I followed the race with a week off from running. I didn’t like it! This week I’m back into it and running again. 129 days until the Bath Half Marathon and I have some work to do both in terms of fundraising for unicef and training. Watch this space! I’m also now logging my training on dailymile.com so if you are active over there add me as a friend http://dailymile.com/people/_disco. Most of my running is now taking place in complete darkness so not many opportunities arise to take #seenonmyrun photographs and associated blog entries but I will try my best to post more running related posts just maybe with less snaps.

Family365 project
Lack of progress on this project is the one of the things that annoys me the most as it started so well and quickly fell by the wayside. I will not quit though. Expect more photos soon. Both girls are doing fine but juggling domestic tasks, Chloe’s studies, Robyn’s school and after school activities, running and my fulltime job are a tougher challenge than they used to be. We’re managing but having the time to document it all with a photo is harder than expected. I love a challenge though and will do better.

apps, tech and other stuff
I’ve actually been playing quite a bit lately with a few new gizmo’s and apps (to try and make the juggling above easier). Some of the results have been quite interesting. I will attempt to share some of this.

enough about me….how you doin?
So enough excuses and waffle from me…whats going on in your world…feel free to share in the comments.

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