Why disco why?

discoHi my name is Stuart Mackenzie but my friends call me ‘Disco’. This blog is all about me and my running.

I’ve been running since February 2011. Before starting to run I was a good five stone heavier, suffered from acute sleep apnoea and had never been interested in any sport. It took me a good long while and a lot of patience following a C25K program to get to a point where I could run comfortably for half an hour. Since the day I reached that point though I’ve been hooked.

Running has not only had a positive effect on my body but also had a hugely positive impact on my lifestyle, my mental attitude & my relationships. I started this blog as an opportunity to record my thoughts, log important events/races, ask questions and collect all my running related things in one place.

If you are new to running I can recommend this post as a good starting point.

If you’re not interested in running at all but you do want to find out more about me then head over to stuart.lostinthe.uk.


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