wish you were here

morning! I managed to get up early enough this morning to get in a run along the beach and see the sun just peak over the hills. A beautiful sight and so peaceful.

I’m hoping the streets of London are calmer this morning and that all my city based friends are safe and well. It’s a frightening reminder that the thread that holds our society together is fragile and growing ever weaker. Weymouth I’m glad to say feels like being on a different planet today (in a nice way).

Apart from the beautiful sunrise this morning I also saw a 14ft women (she could have been shorter but she was on some guy’s shoulders) shouting across the street that it was too early to be running and too late to be drinking (so we’re both guilty?) and also a guy in track suit bottoms wearing a red cloak, cleopatra style wig and crown brandishing a sword in a marshall art film type stylee (hopefully a toy?). A normal scene in Weybiza?!? WTH.

The run was a slooow and steady and 5 miles. as my school report often said…could do better

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