Worried Man…Has Plan

Well plans are now in motion, the metaphorical digital gauntlet has been metaphorically thrown down and in about 5 weeks time I’ll be embarking on my first stab at running a marathon (a real one – not a metaphor). OK so I’m doing my first one in a slightly unconventional way but I’m doing it. That’s important.

So far I’ve got about 26ish people who are going to come along and take part in some way or another. FANTASTIC! The only bit I’m now worried about is me. I’m the person who has to run 26.2 miles or risk looking like a complete prick in front of family, friends and colleagues. I guess ‘prick’ (sorry mum) might be a little harsh but I don’t enjoy failure and public failure after a big build up is even harder to swallow. I want to achieve my goals, I feel I’ve put in quite a bit of effort to get this far and this should be the reward. Likewise I want to prove not only to myself but most importantly my daughter that you can achieve nearly anything in life that you set your mind to (max effort in = max rewards … no free tickets etc etc). Robyn will be running the last mile or two with me so it’s paramount I make the distance.

On Sunday I embarked on a route scouting run with my best friend @daz_rgr so that I could finalise the previously unknown part of the route around Portland. The challenge I’ve set myself over those last 10 miles of rocky trail came into sharp focus under the hot sun of the weekend and those little voices in my head have started whispering doubt at me ever since. I’m a little bit terrified.

All that said though I’m a stubborn bugger. That’s how I got this far. I’ve said I’ll do it and I will. I’ve told people the proposed route and that’s the route I will run. I’m not changing it because it seems hard. I will do it and I’ll give it everything until I have nothing left to give.

To settle my nerves I’ve done what every good nerdy boy scout does and re-focussed my thoughts around my training plan and logged it all in a google calendar. I’m working on the basis that any energy I have is better spent in training that worrying. I’ve loosely been following a training plan for the last 13-14 weeks but that doesn’t date wise take me close enough to my event (in fact starts tapering fairly soon) so I’ve taken what I’ve learnt so far from the plan so far, made a few tweaks, juggled a few long runs around other household events, shifts etc etc and the results are below.

view in new page (just in case you can’t see it above)

One thing I’ve also done is made an extra effort to pin myself down to some cross training and core work rather than just block out days with XT and end up doing nothing. I’ve found quite a nice app which I hope to review later in the week called sworkit which I’m finding useful for doing small daily workouts. I’ve then scheduled in one longer core workout each week. Far from perfect but as someone who struggles to do this kind of exercise something has to be better than nothing and once I get it to become routine I’ll plan on increasing the times etc.

Take a look through the plan…comments on my insanity and/or training plan always welcome?

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